Thoughts to drive us

The Biblical picture is that sin separates us from the presence of God, which is the source of all joy and indeed of all love, wisdom, or good things of any sort…If we were to lose his presence totally, that would be hell – the loss of our capability for giving or receiving joy…Hell, then, is the trajectory of a soul, living a self-absorbed, self-centered life, going on and on forever.
-Tim Keller, The Reason For God

The emerging church is not an evangelistic strategy. It is the last rung for evangelicals falling off the ladder into liberalism or unbelief.
-Kevin DeYoung, “God is still holy and what you learned in Sunday School is still true.”

To believe in God and not in hell is ultimately to disbelieve in the reality of human choices. If there’s no possibility of saying no to paradise then none of our no’s have any real meaning either. They’re like home runs or strikeouts in a children’s game where nobody’s keeping score.
-Ross Douthat, New York Times, April 25, 2011-06-02

I think that if God forgives us we must forgive ourselves. Otherwise, it is almost like setting up ourselves as a higher tribunal than Him.
C.S. Lewis, @CSLewisDaily

Bad theology usually sneaks in under the guise of familiar language.
-Kevin DeYoung, “God is still holy and what you learned in Sunday School is still true.”

Lack of prayer says you’ve bought into the lie that life is manageable and you’ve got everything under control.
Lecrae, @lecrae

Tucked away within the assertion that the world is filled with pointless evil is a hidden pemise, namely, that if evil appears pointless to me, then it must be pointless.
-Tim Keller, The Reason For God

Christians who talk the most about going to heaven while everybody else goes to hell don’t throw very good parties.
-Rob Bell, Love Wins
I’ll leave it to the art critics and the partygoers to determine if it’s true that, second to blondes, universalists have more fun.
-Kevin DeYoung, “God is still holy and what you learned in Sunday School is still true.”

If we obey the first two commandments, we will not disobey the rest.
-Martin Luther, quoted by @PastorMark

Liberalism: A God without wrath brought men without sin into a kingdom without judgment through the ministrations of a Christ without a cross.
-H. Richard Niebuhr

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.
-Jimi Hendrix, quoted by @PastorMark

One thought on “Thoughts to drive us

  1. Great quotes today! Thank you for the reminders that each statement of belief has its own implications. I especially liked the Niebuhr quote because it points out how fluffy and sugar-coated some liberalism is. Sugar-coating is inadequate to deal with the harsh realities of living in a fallen world.

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