Speaking Engagements

Bart is a teacher and speaker that is passionate about sharing the Gospel with those who need to hear about God’s love and encouraging God’s people to a deeper relationship with Him, and he would love to join your group as a guest speaker. He has spoken and taught as a pastor for over 15 years, as well as speaking at camps, seminars, retreats, youth groups, mens groups, and adult classes. He is willing to speak for any size group of any age from junior high through adults. His speaking style is very similar to what you read in this blog, and the given messages can be something already prepared or one that is desired by your group.

Topics can include:
Snake On A Stick-Jesus and Nicodemus
Living With Purpose-Being Driven to Christ (Driven)
Dirty-The Story of Hosea (Dirty)
How To Get The Most From Your Bible – Bible Study Methods
Loving Others
Community – Why We Go To Church
How Did We Get Here? – Lessons From Church History
Accepting Grace Despite Ourselves (Forgetable)
Created On Purpose (Creation: Sex and Death)

If you are interested in talking with Bart about speaking to your group, send him an email to discuss details and availability.

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