Rewind: Words, words, words

I have always enjoyed reading. When I was a kid, I read all kinds of things, from some terrible Sci-Fi novels to Shakespeare (the title is a Hamlet quote, by the way; Act 2 Scene 2). What I haven’t always enjoyed was reading books that would teach me something. Especially after college, I found it really difficultContinue reading “Rewind: Words, words, words”

Loving the Stinky

Life often stinks. I mean, literally stinks. If you are with me in Martin County, the pig capitol of the world, you may understand this better than some. I still remember going to basketball practice in high school during winter break. The team would meet in the locker room to get ready, and it wasContinue reading “Loving the Stinky”

Rewind: It Isn’t That Complicated

We really do some ridiculous stuff sometimes, don’t we? For example, Francis Chan uses an easy analogy that points something that is pretty simple that we all do that really is unquestionably stupid. Imagine you have a teenage daughter, and you tell that daughter to clean her room. If she comes to you an hourContinue reading “Rewind: It Isn’t That Complicated”

This Just In – The World Did Not End in 2011

Remember this? It became a widely discussed last year when nation radio host Harold Camping announced that he had discovered a Bible code that said the world would come to an end upon the return of Christ on May 21. Thousands of people sold all of their possessions to purchase billboards and to get theContinue reading “This Just In – The World Did Not End in 2011”

Read any good books lately?

What were you doing when you were 8? Playing with friends, starting school, spending time with family? For young Josiah, 8 years old became the age that he became King. Josiah became King of Judah somewhere around 640 BC. His father and mother had died, leaving the throne to him.Judahhad seen better times –Israel, theContinue reading “Read any good books lately?”