Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

What scares you? Monsters? Clowns? Bugs? Chiropractors? We all have things we are afraid of, whether we like to admit it or not. Sometimes it is for perfectly legitimate reasons: we are afraid of snakes or spiders because we know they could hurt us. Sometimes, our reasons are less legitimate, such as in the casesContinue reading “Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!”

Not a blog post about Cults and Mormons

Some days I sit down and have a ton that I want to write about. Some days…not so much. Like today. So, instead of forcing something that I’m not really feeling led to write, I give you this. There are a lot of questions swirling now about Mormonism because of the strong presidential campaign ofContinue reading “Not a blog post about Cults and Mormons”