Driven, pt 2 – Nascar and a guy named Geoffry

I view the Christian life like a race. Not like a simple foot race, more like a car race (I’m driving an Audi R8). And it isn’t like some Nascar race: “Where do I go to get to the finish?” “Left…left…left…left…” I picture it like a chase scene in a movie. We’re flying down theContinue reading “Driven, pt 2 – Nascar and a guy named Geoffry”

Fake Relativism and Lessons on Sex

So I’m reading this post-apocalyptic novel (I like those things…if the world comes to some fiery end before Christ returns, I’ll be ready!), and one of the odd little things the characters in the story talk about is time.  One night one of the characters asks several others what time it is, and she getsContinue reading “Fake Relativism and Lessons on Sex”